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Kennel Amalia's Faith, *25.1.2019

♂ Amalia's Faith Another Chance, "Putte"

♂ Amalia's Faith All Is Possible, "Mosse"

♂ Amalia's Faith Against the Rules, "Jesse"

♀ Amalia's Faith Angel of Dreams, "Eevi"

♀ Amalia's Faith All You Need, "Mimi"

Kuvat kennel Amalia's Faith, paitsi SuneK: Sune Koskela

Kennel Habanerosin, *23.8.2017

♂ Habanerosin Aerials "Arska"

♂ Habanerosin A Sky Full of Stars "Kaapo"

♂ Habanerosin Are You In "Rocky"

♀ Habanerosin All About That Bass "Nomi

Kennel Full Battery, *27.2.2014

♂ Full Battery Bob Pinjata "Garrus"

♂ Full Battery Despicable Me "Jami"

♀ Full Battery Mary Bee "Maya"

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